We believe everyone has gifts that can light the world. Yes, you too.

The ability to connect is how we discover and share those gifts.

Ironically, experts have a special challenge…

It’s often the people with the greatest knowledge who find it hardest to be understood by their audience.

We help you change all that.

  • self
  • message
  • audience
  • room
  • Transcend conflict
  • Build bridges
  • Engage with story
  • Inspire change

Through our coaching, training, special cameo appearances and by collaborating with your in-house teams, new horizons await you.

We rise the highest when we lift each other.

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  • Coaching

Interpersonal Communication

Coaching sessions for individuals and small groups enhance everyday impact and groom talent for advancement.

Empathy/E.I., deep listening, and compassion, are essential for leaders of impact. Putting others at ease and inspiring them to new heights takes skill. We cultivate these abilities and more.

Special event prep

Spotlight speaker coaching sessions for presenters to make the most of their expertise.

  • Pro Development

Trainings, Webinars, and Specialty Sessions

From executive presence, to presentation excellence, resonant storytelling, mindful relationship building, personal sustainability and resilience…we lead groups through transformative virtual and live trainings on a range of themes. We align with your goals and increase your ROE: Return on Energy.

  • In-house Support

Your ally for your in-house projects

You’ve worked hard to create in-house programs and content. Don’t re-invent the wheel: call on us to add engagement enhancers to existing programs and take your content even farther.

Boring or frustrating meetings? Not anymore.

Call on us for the sticky stuff. We’ll help you bridge gaps, brainstorm productively, facilitate tough discussions, transcend conflict and align stakeholders so you can move forward together with renewed energy.

Fresh air!

Our virtual cameo appearances infuse your meetings with energizers, focus builders, team bonders and even stress relievers. We can join you for a few minutes or for as long as you need us.

Whether you are prepping last minute and need a miracle or are calmly putting the pieces of a high-stakes message together in advance (or somewhere in the middle), we can help you get from page to stage in spades.

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Building skills and having a good time are not mutually exclusive

Game-laced trainings, keynotes, mini-programs and individual coaching sessions are customized to suit you and your company’s objectives through our unique Engagement Alchemy™. And we make it easy for you to tackle the tough stuff, touchy subjects and tricky messaging, specific to your business.

EmpowerSpeak™ offerings are interactive and participatory because we believe the only way to get better at doing something is… by doing it. 

Engagement is
your choice

EmpowerSpeak™️ fully-loaded sessions

  • You choose from our curated topics
  • We customize and deliver
  • Our virtual platform or yours

Your in-house sessions + our Secret Sauce

  • Your existing programs
  • We add special segments for richer engagement
  • We or your in-house team delivers to your group

What can I expect working with Ilene?

Being an engaging speaker, conscious communicator,
magnetic storyteller or inspiring leader is not about flash or fabulousness.

It’s about being human. It’s about being YOU…and putting your audience first. Don’t sweat. We’ll show you how.

How can we help you make a difference?

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Play is serious business

We learn teamwork, idea generation, collaboration, cooperation, building on each other’s ideas, pushing our limits, the value of intelligent risk, and tapping into our vast potential through purposeful play. 

  • What else?

With the right activities, we become better solution creators, deeper listeners, freer thinkers, and more empathetic beings.

So why do so many businesses fail to take play seriously?

  • Play — our way

Is purposeful: Improv, self-inquiry and reflection, movement, tools straight from professional theater and more…we share it all with you.

  • You are not boring

Speakers don’t lose their audience because they are boring as people. They lose their audience because they underestimate the power of sharing themselves and forget to make the audience the center of their universe….or they don’t know how.

Until they work with us.

Get curious. Our next greatest moments lay beyond our comfort zone.

Better connections lead to a better world

Whether you ask us to join you for a quick cameo at your weekly meeting or to lead your group through a year-long, multi-faceted engagement, it will be a lively, immersive, inclusive experience.

It’s our Engagement Alchemy™ and you can count on it.

Connect and count on us

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